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Green Gables

where people meet, eat, and have good times!

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Welcome to Green Gables!

Green Gables was built in 1929 and quickly became "The Resort Capital of the World." This little business became so popular the City of Bloomington built a water supply, Lake Bloomington, to accommodate the gathering horde. Shortly after the lake was built the city began leasing lots to capitalize on the "Green Gable Phenomenon." The lots were quickly gobbled up by people building summer vacation cabins as close to the action as possible. The lake grew to capacity with cabins turning into year round houses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Green Gables expanded 25 times forcing the city to build yet another lake, Evergreen, and bring in Diamond Star (now known as Mitsubishi) to handle the masses. The city has now granted us an endless supply of water by tapping the Mackinaw River.

Green Gables, Where people meet, eat, and have good times!